New Beginnings Edit

Early on during Chapter 5, Drech Industries was destroyed by Rexcorp forces. The building was left in ruins for several months until construction started. Since Ace moved his company to the old Rexcorp, he decided to make the building a back up facility for the Infinity Heroes.

New ConstructionEdit

The building still stands at 5 stories tall but is a lot wider than before. On the roof of the building, there is a large I.H, standing for Infinity Heroes. The H is used as a heli pad as well. 

The building has many rooms, and each Infinity Hero has their own. It has rooms for sparring, and V.R training. It also has a large hangar for aerial vehicles to leave out.

  • Turrets: There are different kinds of turrets, they are stationed inside walls, ceilings, and floors. Some fire non lethal rounds(rubber rounds), others fire bullets, and some fire laser beams. There are also some hidden outside.
  • Windows: The windows are bullet proof(3 inch thick glass), and covered in polymer composite on both sides. They have reinforced steel as frames so they don't brake off as easily.
  • Cameras: There are hidden cameras that can record in various modes, and have HD quality.
  • A.I Controller: Incase someone breaches the building, Ace's advanced A.I can seal off entrances and exits. Also, you usually need to put your hand on panels to let you in, but if the A.I sees you as a friend(like Mason), it will let you in.

Starting the CompanyEdit

After months of working with government agencies, and supplying them with technology, Ace recevied millions of dollars, and besides that, his family was already helping the world, so he got their sum of money(oh and he works at A.E., assuming he is payed well due to his contributions in its defense systems). The building is located between Varrock and Falador. The building was already built previously and waiting for a buyer, Ace bought it and sent J.E.D construction units to go modify it.

Ace saved up most of his money, and went around the world recruiting the right people.

The company specialized in a lot of things, but at the moment are just starting out and are just using the company for their own selves at the moment, once it starts getting money, it will give some money to A.E.

The company evolved gradually once Rexcorp was taken down. And instead of it being named Drech Industries, the former Rexcorp building was named Drech Resources. Or The Infinity Heroes tower.