The CompanyEdit

The company was founded about 30-36 years ago from present day, it used another company's name to conceal it, which went by the name of Primatech Paper Co.  The standard protocol of the company was bagging and tagging, which meant they had to locate and track evolved humans, often tagging them like animals. They let most go, the ones who seemed dangerous were often locked up and the ones that were at a greater risk were even killed.

They formerly had two tracking systems. A satellite and a young girl with special abilities named Molly.

Company HistoryEdit

Chapter 1: One of its famous workers, George Nicholas was working on stopping Sylar and protecting his daughter from the company he works for. They incarcarated Skull once erasing her memories. The man who funds the company, Linderman, was killed by D.L Sanders. Thompson, the boss, was killed by George Nicholas. At the fight in Varrock Plaza, one of its agents and illusion maker : Candice aided Sylar, making a retreating route.

Chapter 2:  The company owned by a new man named Joe Brandon, pursued the company's first objectives. His agents had some trouble capturing the super and evolved humans as George and William weren't there. Joe met with George and convinced him to join again, only through persuasion from his daughter and the threat Sylar. As William was nowhere to be found, George needed a new partner and met with Skull. Skull accepted his offer. George and Skull captured Eric Doyle, Jack Phil, and Sylar.

Company AgentsEdit

Chain of Command:  Angela Ward (Formerly Joe Brandon)

Field Manager: George Nicholas

Field Agent: Skull

Field Agent:  Formerly Eva Brandon

Field Agent: Formerly John Tyler

Field Agent: Formerly Sylar

There are of course guards that keep the super humans and mutants from escaping.

The Companies threat levels and RoomsEdit

Level 1: These individuals are often there for a short amount of time, they aren't bad people.

Level 2: These individuals aren't too innocent, often all of them have criminal records for crimes that are lesser than petty crimes.

Level 3: These individuals have used their powers for crime, often not incarcerated in jail.

Level 4: These individuals are often crazed in the head, use their powers for their own benefit and have a criminal record.

Level 5: This level is only meant for individuals with rare abilities that let them access other abilities. These cells are made for Sylar or Mason, just in case.

PrimaTech FilesEdit

These are loose convicts that belong in the 3-4 threat level.


People that should be captured immediately are listed first.

Convict Powers Threat level Captured Or Not
Eric Doyle Puppeteer 4 Captured
Nathan Ward Flight 4 Not
Dylan Rex Augmented Body 4 Not
Terry Roxan Terrakinesis 4 Not
Kate Jones prehensile hair 3 Not
Spencer Chase Super Speed 4 Not
Jack Phil Enhanced Strength 3 Captured
David James Duplicating 3 Not