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Guhl and Gunter

Gerhild, Ten's doll, is first summoned.

Ten, along with his triplet brothers, Hō and Ban, were born into a family of Bounts in Spain during the 1300's. The three were originally named Jonothan, Hugo and Hanzel. At the age of three, all brothers were informed of who they are and what great power they naturally possessed. As Bounts, they had a unique ability to suck a human soul out of a body or out of the air, and throughout the centuries, have been given strange nicknames, such as "chupakabra" or "vampire." To avoid gathering any suspicion, the three brothers were educated at home, and time and time again, they would move between cities. Back then, Spain had been under the greater influence of the papacy. The three and their parents knew very well that if their identities had been revealed, they would definitely end up facing the bad side of the Catholic church. Throughout their "childhood," which is roughly equivalent to that of half a human lifespan, they were taught to stay hidden.

One night, in the year of 1482 AD, a group of thieves had broken into their family home. Each were heavily armed. In attempts to save his family, Hanzel’s father had unleashed his doll and managed to effortlessly kill the thieves, however, little did he know that one had stayed behind outside of the house. Within days, their father was taken into authoritative captivity, and there, he had been tortured, later publically shamed and then killed. Devastated, the remaining family changed their names and headed out into Germany.

A family driven by a woman was at the time a setup for failure; women weren’t anywhere near accepted in society. As a result, the triplet brothers had to work for their own wellbeing. For years, they supported their mother, who had eventually contracted plague and died within days. With little to no choice, the brothers had to flee the country, because the nurse who had been treating their mother had witnessed her dissipating into dust (which is what happens to Bounts when they reach death.) In fear of being once again persecuted, the triplets headed over to the British Isles.

Here, they came across a fellow Bount who went by the name of “Eugene Curier” [1]. He had told the three that he knew of their father’s death, and that even though they didn’t see him, he had been keeping an eye of them. Eugene offered them money and gave them a place in his group of wandering Bounts who had also been seeking refuge. Eugene futher added onto his request by offering them to partake in a special ritual that would grant them each an individual doll. Originally, their father had permitted them from even thinking of the act, for doing so would put them in grave danger. Eugene, however, had informed them that he had perfected the special doll summoning ritual, and notified them that bringing forth their doll will put the three up to a test; dolls have strong personalities, and refuse to serve a weak master[2]. As a result, Eugene had put the triplets under intense hand-to-hand combat training.

Within due time, the three had gained their dolls. Quite surprisingly, their dolls were completely identical, yet, they were small. They took the form of metal bottle caps with a Bount emblem on them. Little did they know that despite their size, they had incredible power, for their abilities revolved around hyrdrokinesis. The power of each doll was practically unlimited, for Earth’s supply of water is incredibly abundant.

As per Eugene’s instructions, they began sucking as many human souls as possible to empower their dolls. As years progressed, they would train their dolls. Hazel, unlike both his brothers, showcased better bond and telepathic connection with his doll, therefore, while Hugo and Jonothan had to stick together to keep a constant control over their dolls, Ten could make use of his freely. To boot, the doll responded to his hand movements more adeptly, thus, making his attacks stronger and faster. Hanzel’s brothers greatly envied his skill. The constant tensions caused the three to split apart. While Ho & Ban worked directly under Eugene, Ten worked undercover, gathering as many human souls as possible for Eugene and his fellow Bounts behind the scenes. If it weren’t for Ten’s efforts, the group of Bounts wouldn’t be as strong.

During the mid-1700’s, Eugene and his fellow Bounts, including Hanzel, made their way towards the new land (i.e. America) to start a new life on the prairie. It was a smart decision, especially since many new settlers had been arriving at the scene. Not only would this mean more strength, but it would mean more empowerment for all their dolls. Their plans proved themselves to be successful. Year after year, they would gain more and more power. Ten, along with the other Bounts, showcased great use of their abilities and superhuman qualities throughout America’s earliest wars. By the peak of the 1700’s, Eugene had become a wealthy businessman. This made way for a mansion and a better, less hidden quality of life for the Bounts.

Life in America was sublime, however, the Great Depression had worried Hanzel and his fellow Bounts. As a result, the group had moved into Japan, a country whose economy hasn’t really been affected much by the economic crisis. Here, they established a new mansion, however, Hanzel, in search for more individual strength, decided to head out into the world on his own. Since then, he ventured out into Gielenor. Currently, he resides in Varrock and has retained his Japanese code-name, “‘’Ten’’”.

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Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.00.17 PM

Ten's doll, Gerhild.

A Bount (based off the Bleach anime), Ten possesses a doll that, like his triplet brothers, Hō and Ban (check out the Bleach Wiki), can manipulate water. Considering the fact that Ten is of a different species, he can absorb any remnant souls to strengthen is doll. Despite this being a unique ability, it has its drawbacks. For one, if the doll is damaged, it will go into recession, meaning that it will revert back into its sealed form to recuperate. If it is destroyed, however, the user, too, will die along with it. In order to control his doll, Ten must remain in constant telepathic communication with it. If this communication is disrupted, the water under the doll's control will completely scatter, reverting back to a useless puddle unless once again activated. In order to summon his doll into battle, Ten must first chant: Zeige Dich, which is German for "show yourself."

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Set Abilities

Abilities Gained Through Training

Cyrokinesis (Coming Soon; 15 more role-plays to unlock.)

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