(Cade Wilson Delacourt)

Some attributes
First Blonde, 6'1 with blue eyes
Second Electricity Manipulation/Technopathy
Third 24 Years Old
Other attributes

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Having grown up in southeast Varrock, Cade Delacourt lived a tough life growing up on the streets with his brother Tyson. Both of them were left parentless when both of their parents died in a homicide brought about by their father's involvement with the mafia. It was at age ten that Cade first discovered his abilities. Him and Tyson had been cornered by rival urchins, when Cade drained the electricity from a street lamp and unleashed it on the kid leading the thugs. Tyson was terrified at his brother's accidental murder of a fellow street urchin, but he was family. He helped Cade learn to control his power over the next few weeks, until the police came to their alley to detain them from a story given to them by the kids that had bothered them a few days before. Tyson, not wanting Cade to be locked up, turned himself in and told Cade to go to the foster system. Cade complied with his older brother's request, but he grew a deep-seated mistrust of the police after they locked up his brother.

Rise of Stormfront Edit

He decided to try and become a vigilante with his newly discovered powers, operating out of his orphanage his first target was the mafia that had killed his parents. During his time at the orphanage he befriended a fellow orphan named Sydney Arcus. The two were close friends, but he never told her about his vigilante alter ego. A few years went by, and after many failures, Cade managed to begin to learn from his mistakes. Over the time he was beaten senseless by thugs, Sydney patched him up with no questions but grew suspicious of what he did at night. She respected his privacy, however. Cade began to turn the tide on the mafia's thugs as he learned to actually fight with his powers. He even began to learn to manipulate electricity within wires. He became known to the local papers in southeast Varrock as "The Stormfront." Sydney saw these articles and began following them in the paper, eventually deducing that Stormfront was in fact her friend.

When Sydney and Cade turned 18 and left, both decided to room together in an apartment. Eventually Sydney confronted Cade about his alter ego, but supported him instead of damning him for what he did. They dated for a few years as Stormfront finally took down the mafia at age 22. After he took them down he and Sydney got engaged. At their wedding, however, ex-members of the mafia gunned down Sydney at Cade's feet. At that moment Cade vowed to continue his work as Stormfront to take down crime to the best of his ability.

Personality Edit

Cade has no tolerance for criminals, after they killed his parents and the love of his life. However he also has little tolerance for law enforcement, as he feels they are completely inefficient. To people he is closer to though, he is playfully sarcastic.

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