The characters and ideas of the rarely known Role-player, Metal Elrond.

 The Heroes.Edit

  • Lewis Fredrikson.
  • Lilly Ostrowski.
  • Xeno Livas.
  • Pschshii.
  • Dresh.
  • Stone-Cold Sam.
  • Archer Colton.
  • Sherman Geisler.
  • Daniel Olson.
  • Rudolph Kolpher.
  • Marius.
  • Lazar The Vampire.
  • Orchid the DJ.

The Neutrals.Edit

The Villains.Edit

Future Ideas.Edit

  • Fred "Hutch" Hutchinson, also known on the battlefield as "Underdog Hutch."
  • A tortured and disturbed, but heroic alien hero. (done)
  • Jackson getting hired by Rexcorp.
  • Lewis dissapears.
  • alternate dimension travel, and program dealings. (done)
  • Lewis discovering a way to divide his soul into multiple pieces.
  • The return of Beholder and The Czar? (you'll see...)
  • Deep space travel.
  • A homicidal couple of demon-created thralls.
  • Lewis getting a new house. (done)
  • Lilly killing someone. (done)
  • L Inc. or LIncTek. (abandoned.)

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