Lucious PaltonEdit

Lucious Palton participated in WWII, and accidently discovered a ForeRunner Artifact and achieved cosmic entity physiology. He worked on his powers, will serving with other government agencies, increasing his powers everyday. He eventually discovered Dylan Rex, and used him to achieve even more sucess, he aided with Dylan's contribution to the world, helping Dylan's reputation. But during this, he got a change of heart, seeing the weak, and wannabe superheroes and villains roaming, there had to be a new world order! And Lucious is going to do just that.

Description and Personality.Edit

Lucious Palton is 5'11, and 175 lbs. He has strange purple eyes, a clean face that is chiseled, dark hair, broad shoulders, and an overall fit body. But once he has received enough cosmic energy, at will he can transform in to a glass like being that is reflective, stands about 7'10, muscular, and has a faint bright glow. 


Cosmic Entity PhysiologyEdit

Lucious cannot acess his full capabilities in his human form, but can attain some, to a weaker degree. For example, Lucious can obtain vast enhanced strength, rivaling Volroy, but in his human form, he would only be as strong as the Hulk. Lucious would still be able to do vast damage in his human form, capable of overpowering others with ease if played out right.

When in his entity form, he can absorb cosmic energy to make him stronger in every aspect.


Luscious is collecting the most powerful weapons in the universe, in order to conquer Earth.

  • Meta Orb: An orb found in a long lost city in Africa, which concealed this orb. It was found by Arsenic, and later given to Luscious. The orb allows for the manipulation of powers, however, along it is relatively weak.


Lucious wants to create a more powerful world, but to do this he must neutralize those who are in his way, and negatively manipulate things. Lucious has negotiated with the Conquerors, in case Rexcorp doesn't succeed. 


Power grid:
Intelligence: 7

Strength: 7

Speed: 7

Durability: 7

Fighting Skill: 6

Energy Projection: 6

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