I as you know, is constantly coming up with characters or ideas in my head. Since I think you guys need a little bit of more characters I will post some. If you get the char first he/she is yours.

Gregory Bryan an mastermind thief that gained the power of Bone Manipulation. He is only limited to controlling his own bones and can grow his bones to large proportions, manipulate its density, use them as weapons or projectiles etc. See Superpowerwiki for more.  Skills include expert stealth, skilled H2h combat, skilled parkourist, skilled hacker, and more thiefy skills you may add.

Note: You can tweak the char a bit such as his name or skills in using his power. But you may not change his job or limitations.


Lennon Lincoln is a faladorian citizen. He works as a fire fighter and his power is reactive adaptation, his power allows him to say... get fire proof skin or enhanced strength when needing to break a wall down. The effects are temporary and Lennon has to get use to that power to utlize it well. Some more examples are enhanced intelligence or against a mentally incomprehensible threat or flight when falling off a cliff. He can obtain up to 3 powers max in a situation. This number will grow a little bit more. Other skills include skilled firefighter, he can lift his body weight... major weaknesses include only getting about 3 powers in a situation, he might not be able to control certain adaptations,  powers have their own weaknesses, some threats are impossible to adapt to.