Braniac's RivalriesEdit

Ethan Gala was a top college graduating student, always competing with Ace. Of course the two braniacs had a rivalry. Aside from competition they were good friends... or it seemed. After college they went their different paths. They recently reunited and Ace invited him to A.E. Ethan eagerly went, to see if his rival had succeeded more than him, and sure enough Ace did. When they got to Ace's room Ace left to get something, Ethan investigated his room and was angered at Ace's resources, with this Ethan stole a power serum that was labeled unknown power. Ethan and Ace hung around for a bit and Ethan left. Ethan got home, drunk the serum and immediately went unconscious.  When Ethan woke up all the tech in his room was gone, his TV, computer etc. To his horror he was black and green and pixalized. His voice was very robotic and menacing. He felt a hunger for tech and soon devoured all the tech in his house. 

After that, walking about in the streets of Varrock, he inhaled the power serum gas, and gained Technology manipulation.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Ethan is 5'7 and weighs 125 lbs, his hair is dirty blonde and stringy, he also sports big glasses. He can be friendly to those he likes and unpatient. People he doesn't like however, he will quickly try to discompose of them, like a competing compnay.

Character HistoryEdit

Chapter 3: Ethan visits A.E and meets with Ace, he drinks an uknown serum and gains Computer Virus physiology, and devours all the tech in his house. He then walked through Varrock and thought that Rexcorp was too heavily guarded to attack, then the serum was released and he gained Technology manipulation uknowningly.

Chapter 4: He attacks A.E, hacking J.E.D's, making them attack A.E employees, and stole 7 of Ace's suits.

Chapter 5: Ethan participated in the Battle for Varrock, but was eventually defeated and captured, then turned to police

Chapter 6: Ethan is residing in a highly guarded prison facility and awaits his escape...


Mark III(retrieved from Ace)

Mark V(retrieved from Ace)

Mark VI(retrieved from Ace)

Mark VII(retrieved from Ace)


Mark IX

Stolen equipment from Ace


Computer Virus Physiology: he is a living computer virus. He can hijack numerous technology and control them. He can gain a cybernetic body for physical purposes. He is easily stronger than a Trojan Horse virus. Easily.

Technology Manipulation: 

  • Activation&Deactivation: he can turn on and turn off technology by looking at it.
  • Mechanical Regeneration: He can regenerate body parts and skin/"flesh" by consuming technology.
  • Nanite Manipulation: Commanding thousands/millions of monoscopic machines to restructure at will.
  • Rocket Manipulation: Self Explanatory
  • Technological Combat
  • Technological Constructs
  • Technological Imprisonment: Anything technological Ethan can bind at will
  • Technological Perfecption: Allows him to "talk" to technology
  • Weapon Manipulation
  • Vehicle Manipulation

Ethan can manipulate all types of tech, no matter what they run it, aura, electricity, enhanced powersources, etc.