Arriving Edit

These warriors came from another galaxy, around a thousand years ago. They weret he super soldiers from their planet and accidently got sent to earth in their ship when their planet needed them the most. They crash landed on earth and their communication systems went down and they couldn't contact their home planet. Two of the warriors went out to explore the area. The two came upon a village being terrorized by a dragon. The two stopped the dragon, incapacitating it.  They were cheered on by the village, and they went back to their ship. They managed to communicate with their planet for a couple minutes, the army's general told them to stay on earth since their people were helpless. The general told them that they barely won a battle so it is fine for them to stay. The four fought threats on earth for decades. On a mission they were searching for lost travelers in remote icy mountains. An avalanche occured and it sent their ship in to a crevice and was covered with tons of snow and rock. As ice fell on the ship, it corrupted its power and turned of the ship. The warriors went in to their sleep state while this happened, immobilized for a thousand years...

Character History...Edit

Chapter 4: Haliopt was awaken and he quickly broke out of the U.E.M.S.L.D base. He managed to reach the mainland where he met another goliath, Jesse. The two engaged in combat, but as they were tearing apart a mountain range, Ace was called in to stop the two, with the help of Harrison. Luckily, 445 and Skull arrived with Ace as well. Haliopt and Ace traded shots, managing to lower its power and dent the suit in various places. Haliopt was stopped by the combined fire power of 445, Jesse, Skull, and Ace. 

He was severely weakned due to his lack of sugar.

Chapter 5: Haliopt began to work with his team mates, but often go into fights with Jesse. Haliopt was sent to handle the most deadly threats and came out triumphant, but ended up aiding in the infiltration mission of Rexcorp, encountering Volroy but ended up defeating him. His former team mates reside in pods, yet to be unfrozen. Haliopt helped in the Battle of Varrock, and traded blows with Dylan Rex.

Chapter 5P2: Haliopt was seen battling the King of Sepents with Skull, the two downed the King of Serpents and took him to a U.E.M.S.L.D base. Haliopt later attended the Infinity Heroes party, letting each hero try to lift his hammer, none were able to. Haliopt then engaged in several battles against the J.E.D, providing the muscle of the team for a while, as Jesse wasn't avaiable.

Chapter 6: Haliopt continued to be by Ace's side after the Infinity Heroes departed. However, possible alien activity was detected, and Haliopt was sent off to the stars to investigate, and its possible he may have encountered the Conqueror Empire


These warriors are massive. The shortest is 7'2(7'4 in armor) and the tallest is 9'0(9'4 in armor). They weigh around 400-800 lbs without armor and an increased of 100 lbs in armor. They have bird face or beaks, leathery skin, dinosaur like feet, short dorsal spikes, claws that are retractable.

Universal Traits of The Haliodarians(Enhanced by the Serum)Edit

  • Super Strength: They can lift 100 tons effortlessly. This allows them to lift up grown men easily, autombiles with ease, large structures such as Aircraft carriers and buildings. Their exact strength level is unsure, but it is known that they hold back a lot.
    • Haliopt Deburu was shown to slam Ace through a mountain, and fight him h2h, resulting in Ace's suit to be damaged to a great degree, and fought Jesse momentarily, managing to throw him at another mountain, when Haliopt was at his weakest. 
  • Near Invulnerability: Their skin is almost invulnerable, only users with super strength on par with them can hurt them. .50 calibers will not hurt them, 100 story fall won't do much. They can survive orbital falls as well, bathe in lava without a problem, and breathe underwater.
    • Haliopt has tanked Jesse's death beam, Ace's repulsor beams, 445's dragon form draconic breath, and Skull's death field, with little injury, and only leaving him exhausted.
    • Haliopt has been hit by other heavy hitters such as King Serpent, without much injury.
  • Super Speed: They can run up to 150 mph(except homerephy). Most of them can speed blitz at around 80-110mph, running in a straight line they can achieve 150mph.
  • Super Reflexes: They could dodge bullets, but more often used for those that have speed by their side. Haliopt has dodged attacks from Jesse, and other projectiles such as missles and bullets.
  • Beak: Their beaks are strong enough to break chains, bend metal, etc.
  • Enhanced Eyesight: They can see clearer than any human(can see in the night).
  • Retractable Claws: They sport 3-6 inch retractable claws that can slice through metal with ease(combined with their strength), and are extremely hard to break.
  • Regenerative Healing: Their healing is between master and advanced level. Although impervious to most injury, they can be hurt, but heal very quickly.
  • Immunity to Any Control
  • Immunity to Telepathy
  • Sleep State: They become completely invulnerable in their sleep state.
  • Dorsal Spikes: They pop out their back, they are very sharp and can easily slice through wood, they are 3-10 inches tall.
  • Space Adapation: Can survive in the vaccum of space.


  • Mettalic Super Sonic Jetpacks: They are composed of titanium and a light sheet of diamond coating. It has fibers in between so they could flap and increase flight speed.
  • Armor: Their armor is quite durable, they have beak like helmets, even longers claws attached to their gaunlets. Their armor weighs between 70-100 lbs. Their armor is made out of Haliodarian steel. It is only a bit weaker than phitanium. This allows the suit to be very resistant to damage, protecting the wearer. However, if one were to stab it with a phitanium blade, it would go through, or maybe a strong titanium alloy. Thie armor is capable of teleporting on to them, and have healing properties.
  • Energy Staff: The staffs are 4-6 feet long. They have grip handles, and are coated with diamond. The end of the staff has a blade attached to it that is very sharp. At the satff it also has a similar blade that is curbed like a cresenct. There is a small energy ball that glows red, it can fire red laser beams that melt through metal.
  • Daggers: Their daggers are 1-2 feet long and are made out of the sharpest metals on their planet. They are strapped to their legs with tough leathery sheaths.


The Brave Bird is around 150 feet long and weighs around 90 tons. It has big engines on its back, with a wingspan of 60 feet. It has many turrets that fire extraterrestial missiles and lasers. It has a bird like beak at its front curved slightly inward, like an eagle. Like planes, when they go to land they have wheels, but the brave bird has talons that help it grasp incase it crashes. It is made out of titanium, diamond, and other materials found on their planet.

Brave Birds WeaponsEdit

  • Laser Turrets: Fires strong lasers that melt through titanium easily.
  • Laser Cannons: Fire even stronger lasers than oblitirate big ships slowly and painfully.
  • Sticky Mines: It sends out "mines" to enemy ships which can blow up a good amount, being that they are 3 feet long and 4 feet tall. Only work if ship is turned on.
  • Dischargers: It fires these trident shaped devices that pierce the ship (very sharp), and suck out its power. This makes the enemy ship lower down its energy shields, power, etc. Once they've sucked the power out they return to the Brave Bird so it could feed it.
  • Drones: The ship sends out dozens of small drones that are verstile and carry laser weapons and dischargers.
  • Plasma shots: The ship can launch globs of intense heat at ships. The spread of the globs is great and ranges. It can eat through metals easily AND energy shields even more easily.

Brave Bird EquipmentEdit

  • Two Escape Pods: Made out of tough metals to survive the atmosphere incase they need to abandon ship.
  • Medical room
  • Equipment Room: Contains extra armor and weapons.

Universal WeaknessesEdit

  • Energy weapons
  • If they enter sleep mode they are immobilized and theres no telling when they will awake
  • People on par with their strength can hurt them.
  • They fight with honor
  • Food distraction, they need sweets to strengthen them, so if they don't get their sweets they can be depowered severely and can die.
  • Even durability has limits.

The MembersEdit

Haliopt Deburu Edit

He is the team leader. He is the balance of the gorup, being strong, agile, clever, smart etc. He measures at 8'11 without armor and 9'2 in armor. He was the first person assigned to the super soldier program  due to his good will.

Haliopt posses alien physiology which is already greater than a human, but was enhanced by the super soldier serum, and is part alien god, which is why he is such a collosal being.

However, for some odd reason his physiology requires him to ingest sweets such as candy to live, not regular food.

Haliopt's Skills...Edit

Expert Tactician and Stratagist: he is the leader, nuff said.

Master Fighter: During his training on his home planet he mastered several of its unique alien martial arts. Due to his size and stunning speed he can outmatch most people without training. After he was revived in 2014, Haliopt trained under the U.E.M.S.LD, allowing him to practice human fighting styles and continue to make his fighting skill greater.

Master Staff Fighter: He can overwhelm most individuals with his energy staff.

Expert Marksman: His aim is around 7/10-8/10 with his energy staff and with other weaponry.

Expert Pilot: He knows how to maneuver his ship well.

Weapons Proficiency: He can wield many weapons at a great extent (except firearms) like swords, since he arrived on earth around 1400's and the people helped teach him.

Multi Bilingual: He is fluent in his own language, english, french, japanese, and spanish.

Special EquipmentEdit

Destroyer Of Worlds.Edit

The Destroyer Of Worlds is Haliopt's main weapon of choice. It is a weapon made out of the strongest material on their planet, stronger than marvel's adamantium. The weapon is infused with mystical energy that enables only Haliopt to be able to wield it. Haliopt can make it appear into his hand, and the weapon can change into almost any melee weapon. It also has other abilities, such as granting Haliopt flight, and has energy capabilities, able to send powerful mystic blasts at opponents.

The weapon is one of the mightiest in the universel, able to make jesse notice a hit.

  • Meelee Weapon Transformation
  • Flight
  • Mystic Blasts
  • Control of elements(fire, electricity, and water).

Haliopt's favorite weapons are swords for stabbing, and hammers for smashing. 

Power Grid(Haliopt)
Intelligence: 5

Strength: 7

Durability: 6

Speed: 6

Energy Projection: 6

Fighting Skill: 5

Kearoy PercozEdit

He is the brains of the group. His skills lean on medicine and engineering. With his intelligence, it rivals Ace's. He is around 450 lbs without armor and 550 in armor. He measures 7'8 and in armor 7'11. He is the third weakest member, he could easily lift 100 tons himself though. He posseses great fighting skills and his intelligence greatly refines them like Sylar's intuitive aptitude. He can pose as the second leader when Haliopt isn't around.

Skilled Tactician and Stratagist: Not as good as Haliopt but he can rival earths greatest tacticians.

Expert Alien Engineer and Doctor: Thats what he focuses on the most. Although repairing and reparing ships(plus healing teammates) is his focus, he easily is good and understands other subjects in science.

Expert Fighter: Even without the super soldier serum in him, he could easily handle 10 bulky alien species of his kind.

Expert Pilot

Expert Staff Fighter

Skilled Marksman: Aim around 6-9/10 depending on the situation.

Weapons Proficiency

Multi-lingual: Due to traveling around the world for decades he learned many languages at a quick rate including, english, spanish, french, japanese, and russian.

His weakness is that he is third weakest out of all of them, durability is the weakest out of all four. Although he is more resistant to the consumption and crave of sweets, if he doesn't get them he will gradually become weaker and die faster.

Ghuird Thannk aka the Tank.Edit

The strongest and most durable of the group. When it comes to average thing he can be considered dumb, but when fighting or weapons are involved he becomes a mental prodogy.

Expert Tactician and Stratagists

Expert Fighter

Skilled pilot

Skilled Marksman

Weapons Proficiency


Expert Weapon creator: Due to his love for fighting, he and "scrawny" Kearoy could create devastating weapons.

Ghuird's weaknesses are that he is the slowest out of the all of them. Dumb when fighting isn't involved 

Homerephy SpedsterbEdit

Homerephy is the faster and agile out of ALL of them. He posseses speed around 300-400 (only mach 1 in emergencies)mark. If he reaches mach 1 he can go out of control and his speed can be too good for him.

Good tactician: Isn't skilled or an expert, just good.

Skilled Fighter:

Weapon proficiency

Expert pilot


His limits are that he posseses the weakest in strength out of all of them, durability is lessened, alright tactician(unlike his teammates which are better), if he reaches high speeds his speed can be too much for him. He also is the easiest to get manipulated by sweets.