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Calder starts to move the river.

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Calder tries to figure out how he manipulates water

Tides Are CreatedEdit

Calder Tudor was your average 11th grader, until his powers manifested like any highschool he had bully problems. At school he was being bullied. He got pushed in to a locker, suddenly a water fountain broke apart and sent powerful streams at his attacker. The force of the water knocked out the bully, and Calder ran off. On his way he was going to be mugged( how unlucky is he?). The two muggers were quickly subdued by The Magnificent Wonder Knight! Calder thanked the man in gratitude. A couple days later, Calder witnessed Wonder Knight having trouble with a group of gang members. Seeking to repay the man, Calder stupidly went in to the brawl. Calder was slashed at with a knife, making a cut through his cheek. Calder fell back. Calder got agitated, and water broek through a nearby hydrant and violantly sprayed the knife user. The result ended with the man crasing through a fourth floor window. Some water sprayed on Calder's wound, which it healed, to Calder's surprise. Aglovale finished up the last men ,and thanked Calder several times in awe of his power. Aglovale then decided that Calder had the potential of being a powerful ally. Aglovale asked him to have a meeting. Aglovale teaches Calder martial arts and parkour,and how to manifest the teen's ability to its fullest potential.

Character History.Edit

Chapter 2: Calder first found out about his powers, and underwent Aglovale's training with his superhuman peers.

'Chapter 3: 'he helped get rid of Luther by lowering the temeprature of the water.


Water Manipulation: It can be applied as...

  • Water respiration.
  • Freezing
  • Water healing: Healing wounds similar to a healing factor.
  • Water energizer
  • Water augmentation: Create more water.
  • Blood manipulation.
  • Augment body to superhuman levels.

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