The HeroesEdit

Neutral IndividualsEdit


  • Sylar
  • Terry Roxan
  • Spencer Chase
  • Kate Jones
  • Dylan Rex
  • Nathan Ward
  • Paul Bank

Deadliest CharactersEdit

Some of my characters were story builders some are outright warriors here they are from 1-  ,1 being the most powerful

1. Haliopt Deburu: The guy bears hell of a strong armor and weapons plus he is on par with Thor.

2. Guird Thannk: The dude is stronger than Thor and is physically better than Haliopt.

3.Homerephy Spedsterb: He can move lightning quick and strong....

4. Kearoy Percoz: The guy is on par with Ace's IQ and he doesn't require a power suit... hes already stronger than Homerphy whos the weakest out of the group.

5. Yue: The guy can withstand an orbital height fall and walk out like nothing happened. He can flip a tank and dodge gun fire....

6. Jesse Joel or The King of Monsters: He has that name for a reason, he is more resistant to supernatural attacks and is hard to hurt.

7. Sylar: The guy cuts up peoples brainz for fun and steals your power. He torments and toys around with you.

8. Dylan Rex: The guy has enough resources to possibly conquer a city. When he doesn't wear armor he can still lift 5 tons, dodge gun fire, and survive height falls.

9. Victor Phantom: He can take away your powers in his presence.... Plus he has a nifty exo suit with a military  background.

10. Hiro Nakamura: He can stop time.... then he can teleport you to a volcanoe. He is also a good sword fighter.

11. James Dewolffe: Hes a supersoldier/cyborg cop with supreme fighting skills, great durability, and deadly weapons.

12. Derek Coach: He is pretty strong when he isn't turned in to a dragon... When he is you require the military and a few supers/mutants to stop him.

13. Ace Drechsel: His fourth suit took down The Iron Hornet with a few hits....

14. The Iron Hornet: He could possibly be a 1 man army.

15. Mason Ward: He can copy almost any power when hes around a mutant/super. Although he only has a 1hour time limit, most fights don't last 1 hour.

16. Aglovale Smitte: The Wonder Knight... his armor is bullet proof and he is like Batman!

17. Terry Roxan: He could move towns and cities with enough concentration if he wanted too!

18.  Spencer Chase: He can move at 800mph and can slice you up into meat slabs...


18. George Nicholas: The dudes a badass and a great shot with a gun.

19. William Spencer: He can take away your powers in his presence AND erase your memories.\

20. Matt Parkman: he is a former cop with Telepathy. He is a good shot, can persuade you to do things and create illusions.



Future Character IdeasEdit

Spoiler alert! If you want to be surprised don't look at this area! Edit

Made so people don't make a very similar character. Note this does not mean im thinking of new characters every second, but when a awesome idea comes by, I'll make a character. 

I plan to retire atleast 5-10of my characters at the most.

  • Arthur Ward(done)
  • An astronaut with space adaptation.
  • A serial killer with chlorine gas generation.
  • An Immortal that gets further enhancements(monster physiology)(almost done)
  • police need extra help...a downed cop that is saved by Ace and given augmentations. (done)
  • Mason gets his powers taken away(done)
  • Sylar gets nerfed(only slightly 1-2 powers).
  • An ancient alien group that arrived on earth 1,000 years ago which are bird like qualities, they are on par with Thor or greater even. (done)
  • Super charger(will help Mason greatly).
  • Mason will get power replication
  • DP,CA,SM,IM,BW...
  • Mason gets a protective suit from Ace.
  • 3 "mercenaries" or might be, one of them having a bee like exo skeleton s
  • Dylan has a son in his late teens or early twenties, he will be a mutant and will have these possible powers:Magma Mimicry, or Telepathy, or darkness manipulation, and maybe two or three more powers obtained from power serums.

"Characters Status"Edit

These are my main characters

  • Mason Ward (Alive)
  • Sylar (Alive)
  • Aglovale (Alive)
  • Calder (Alive)
  • Ace (Alive)
  • George (Alive) 
  • Dylan Rex (Alive)
  • Derek Coach (Alive)

Side CharactersEdit

Not as popular as the guys above but still in play

  • Terry Roxan (Alive)
  • Spencer Chase (ALive)
  • Kate Jones (Alive)
  • Alex Bank (Alive)
  • Paul Bank (Alive)
  • Hiro Nakamura (Alive)
  • Ando (Alive)
  • Nathan Ward (Alive)
  • Angela Ward (Alive)
  • William (Alive)
  • Jonathan Brewl (Alive)

Characters I plan to retire(through death or not roleplayed as much).Edit

  • Nikki
  • Micah
  • D.L
  • Terry Roxan
  • Spencer Chase
  • Kate Jones
  • Alex Bank
  • Paul Bank
  • Hiro
  • Ando
  • Kate Jones
  • Nathan Ward

Dead IndividualsEdit

Arthur Ward

Issac Mendez

Knox Hector

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