Appearence and PersonalityEdit

Ace Drechsel is 5'10, 158 lbs, and 55 years old. Ace has a light beard and just looks like an older version of himself. Ace usually wears a grey faded out military jacket, along with dark cargo pants, or jeans, with leather fingerless gloves. Early into the war, Ace was keen on taking down the alien race, but by the late 2020s, Ace was begining to lose hope, as many of his close friends were dying. By the mid 2030s, Ace would have gone under deep depression, which would have suspended the military efforts. Ace would have become an alcoholic because of this. It is likely that his remaining friends helped him recooperate, and would have received other help.

By the late 2030s, Ace would begin to slowly recooperate, and by the 2040s, he would have recovered fully, no longer needed alcohol, and ready to terminate the Chimera.


He was one of Earth's first Super Heroes, and served with many allies, including Skull, Mason, Lewis, etc. His intellect helped the world advance, especially when it came to the military. He is one of the several heroes that survived the 30 years. Ace would have gone under depression, which led to the suspenscion of military efforts, and technological advancement. This led to Earth losing more ground. During his time recovering, Ace would have undergone physical therapy, which would improve the health of his mind, and eventually went back to working with the military. 

During the late 2030s and early 2040s, A.S.H.E.D and Ace would have worked closely together, A.S.H.E.D doing the field work while Ace helped it behind a computer.


Peak Human IntelligenceEdit

His intelligence is far beyond the average human, it allows him to perceive things quicker, and work at an expert degree in all categories including engineering, software, math, medicine, etc.

Enhanced CombatEdit

During the time, he learned various martial arts, and due to his intelligence, he was able to quickly progress it and learn faster and more efficiently, similiarly to Sylar with Intuitive Aptitude. It is likely that he would have trained among Earth's best fighters, such as Harrison(when Harrison was still in service), and Eddie Magikson.

Old PrimeEdit

Because of his time in the military, he did work on his physique, also realizing that tech may not always be by his side.

  • Strength: He can lift 180 lbs and overhead 140 lbs.
  • Speed: He can run up to 12 mph.
  • Condition: His condition is slightly better than a average human, a good example, a martial artist.


Ace does work in stealth, and is very skilled at it, allowing him to dissapeare if you looked back at him, and raid bases without being detected.